Planning Permission for New Paths

The Trust and Canterbury City Council are pressing ahead with plans to extend the path in Whitstable. We hope to start work on a small section of the path that will extend the Invicta Way to Old Bridge Road. Section 106 developer contribution money is already in place for this and we hope work will start in the next six months. Despite this only being a short section the plans we have are for all the paths down to The Sidings and Tower Parade. This is so that we can move quickly to get more built when extra funds become available. The Bridges are under separate planning that will be re-applied for soon.

There are currently two items on the Canterbury City Council planning portal.

CA/19/01145 Variation of Conditions, after suggestions made at the consultation a number of changes have been made. This application covers those changes.

CA//19/01194 Discharge of Conditions, the planning we were granted had a number of conditions and this is an application to have some of those conditions discharged due to their fulfilment.

We have also published a report about or Public Consultation which was held last year. It can be viewed at