We’ve already had many notable successes. In 2000, a cycle path opened along a third of the original line. We’ve renovated the winding pond at the centre of the route where families and others can picnic. We’ve persuaded the Council to designate the line a conservation area, protecting the route for future generations.

We’ve also stopped planning applications from developers wanting to build on the historic line. And we’ve worked with the Council, with residents, local businesses and others to make sure that a reopened Crab and Winkle Line will be of benefit to us all.


The Trust has supported the City Council in making the whole six mile line a continuous Conservation area, the longest in the South of England, and it is proposed that the half mile long tunnel be designated a listed building. We are also bidding for the line to become a World Heritage Site.

The Crab & Winkle line is still ‘one of the best kept secrets’ in the South. We are making sure it won’t disappear through neglect.

The Trust has been awarded Charity status by the Charity Commission.
Cycle Path – Work has started that will bring more of the Crab and Winkle line into use. This will link the City to the coast and be part of the Sustrans’ prestigious Dover to Inverness cycle route.