Tyler Hill tunnel south portal clear-up

We had a very successful day clearing out the south portal of the Tyler Hill tunnel on May 17th. There was a great turnout and it was lovely to see some new faces. The portal, a listed building, is on private property and has been beautifully restored by the land owner. The tunnel is now home to bats so we also needed permission and supervision of a licensed bat expert. Many thanks to everyone who helped out.

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184th Anniversary Clear-up

Saturday 3rd of May was the Crab and Winkle Line’s 184th anniversary.  To celebrate we organised a clear-up of the embankment between Clare Road and Station Road in Whitstable.  There was a good turn out and we managed to remove all of the litter and all of the larger fly-tipped items by our scheduled finished time.  Serco took a pile of rubbish around midday.  We made a second pile which has now also been removed, the cans and bottles are to be re-cycled.  A number residents from the immediate vicinity helped out alongside Crab and Winkle Line Trust members and trustees.  A big thanks to all that were involved, the area has been greatly improved.

The first pile of rubbish being taken by Serco.IMG-20140504-WA0003


The second pile of rubbishre_2014-05-03_14.14.10

A fox came out to see what was going on.re_2014-05-03_10.35.54 re_2014-05-03_14.08.09

Almost done, cans and bottles being sorted for recycling.re_2014-05-03_13.40.31

Some of the volunteers.2014-05-03 13.38.31

A haul from near the Teynham Road end.re_2014-05-03_14.14.10

The obligatory toilet.re_2014-05-03_13.39.58